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by Walter & Natasha

What We Discuss On Act 2: The Podcast


When it comes down to a relationship, you have to know who you are dealing with. Tune in and listen to what we have to say.


Marriage is a beautiful experience, but sometimes it can drive you mad.   We don’t mind letting you peak into the window of who we are.


Different strokes for different folks. But when it comes down to entertainment and news, we give it to you uncensored.

Social Media Events

From the latest challenge to the latest outrage, we have an opinion on what is taking place on social media. 


What are you talking about? From local to national politics have to be discussed from a real voter perspective. No fluff here.

Car Talk

Sometimes it’s just us doing what we do. “Talking.” And, the best thoughts come from behind the wheel while driving. 

Family & Kids

Just because you love your kids doesn’t always mean you like them.  What are the Whoa’s and Wows of our parenting experience?


Money isn’t everything, but you damn sure need it to make sense of things.  What is  the finance doing in ours and your life. 

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 Act 2:  The Podcast

 Episode 105 -BLACK POWER

Power can be a hell of a drug. In the wrong hands, it can break an organization when displayed as poor leadership. The saying goes that stereotypes come from some source of truth. So how do we break the stereotype regarding black peoples in power? Or is there any truth in it? We’ve all had experiences with bosses that may or may not have been bad for various reasons. Maybe it was a clash of personalities, lack of respect from either or both parties, or possibly a lack of experience and exposure. Whatever the case, too often we, as black men and women, encounter these experiences with one of “us”.

 Act 2:  The Podcast

 Episode 104 -THE NFL NOT FOR LONG

The National Football League is a multi-billion dollar business. Not sure where it ranks amongst other billion dollars organizations, but pretty sure it’s up there. And taking into consideration other multi-billion dollar companies, it’s probably also fair to assume a career on the field with the National Football League is probably one if the most dangerous. But how many people complain when they’re salaries are more than life-savers, educators, and dragon slayers? Not many. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason to. 

 Act 2:  The Podcast

 Episode 103 -WHO SHOT YA?

I doubt we’ll be referring to this as trial of the century. However, after 2 years, Meg Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez finally had their day in court. As you can imagine, this also means social media, the cultural judge and jury, also had their day in court. But not really. Again, using your imagination, the court of Instagram proved to be filled with the harshest critics on both sides. One of the loudest cries heard was the claim of black men not believing and protecting black women. With so many raising a flag, do you believe this is really a thing?

 Act 2:  The Podcast

 Episode 102 – A DREAM DEFERRED

At the age of probably 7, it’s probably safe to say we all had a dream job. A doctor, lawyer, police officer, firefighter, teacher, or nurse may be some of the most common answers at that time. Considering the evolution of what children are exposed to today, not really sure how those answers would hood up. Nevertheless, we all had a dream job in our minds. How many of us actually followed that dream? Studies show about 40% of people surveyed are said to be working in the career they dreamed of. That means the other 6 out of 10 people went in a different direction. 

Get To Know Your Host


It’s ya boy International Walt! What I enjoy about life is having the freedom to create and manifest purpose within myself. When I meet new INTERESTING people, I like to engage in their story and try to learn something or get some information I didn’t have.

The thing that I love the most is spending time/traveling with my wife, enjoying new places, new restaurants and creating new memories. One the things that gets to me is liars. My nana taught me when I was small that “If you lie, you steal, if you steal, you kill.” A bit dramatic but so what…that’s what she taught me. I believe her.

I love hosting Act 2: The Podcast because it is a direct correlation of my life and all we have been through, my wife and I. It’s a chance to express myself in a way I could never dream of. Super grateful. Extremely blessed.

One of my greatest moments in life is getting to marry my long time wife. Sounds strange? That’s why you gotta watch to see why I married my long time wife. We were on a crazy ride! We rode that ride! We got sick on that ride! We got better on that ride! Now we off that fucking ride! If you fuck with us, you fuck with us. If you don’t, YOU SHOULD!!!!!!!!!


What I enjoy most of about life is making new memories, big or small, with those I love. Especially my husband.

When I am around people I am always hoping to laugh until my cheeks hurt.

My most happiest moments are when I am with my husband enjoying life. Whether it’s vacation, a pizza date, walk in the park. Just enjoying each other in the moment.

One of the things that get under my skin is inauthenticity. Be you! Love you! Be real! Because it makes life that much easier.

I  love Hosting  Act 2: The Podcast because I get to have great conversation with my best friend & show people what our version of love & friendship looks like. It’s not always rainbows & butterflies. But we are always us & that feels good.

My greatest moment in life is when my husband gained his freedom. Being able to bear witness to the trials & tribulations he endured for 20+ years and then experiencing the elation of it being over is indescribable. Of course the downstream effect of being able to marry him was neck and neck. But I still shake my head & praise God my baby is free!!!

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